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    Techniques - TieDye

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    Who knew tie-dyeing could be this easy?

    How To Tie Dye

    Get the basics on how to tie dye like a pro with these tips for tie-dye success on almost any fabric item!

    How to Bleach Tie-Dye

    Bleach tie-dye is a unique way to create bold looks with your favorite tie-dye patterns

    Two-Minute Tie-Dye Technique

    Speed up the dye process to 2 minutes with the same vibrant results with Tulip One-Step Dye!

    Spiral Tie-Dye Technique

    Put a twist on tie dye with the spiral tie-dye technique! Whether you use one color or four, you'll love the winding effects!

    Mandala Tie-Dye Technique

    Learn two ways to do this super fun technique!

    Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Technique

    Add some Disney magic to your wardrobe with the Mickey Mouse inspired Tie-Dye technique! You’ll definitely stand out at your next trip to the parks with this colorful tie dye look!

    Reverse Tie-Dye Technique

    Yes, tie dyeing in reverse is real & results in amazing designs!

    Accordion Tie-Dye Technique

    Accordion Tie-Dye Technique - Easy and fun! You will love this tie-dye technique!

    Diamond Tie-Dye Technique

    This one’s a real gem! See how easy it is to create 3 different diamond patterns that’ll have you feeling fancy every time you wear tie dye.

    Shibori Tie-Dye Technique

    More intricate and detailed than modern tie dye, Shibori is a Japanese technique you'll want to try.

    Heart Tie-Dye Technique

    If you LOVE tie dye, then this is the pattern for you (and it’s easier than you think)!

    Ice Dye Technique

    No need to mix up your dyes for the ultra-cool ice tie-dye technique! Let the ice do the work to produce one-of-a-kind watercolor tie-dye effects.

    Rainbow Tie-Dye

    Boost your mood and your wardrobe with rainbow tie dye! Brighten things up with bold color.

    Spider Tie-Dye Technique

    The secret to this technique is the addition of black dye on one side of your spiral. You’ll love the reveal!

    Kaleidoscope Ice Tie-Dye Technique

    Remember your fun childhood kaleidoscope? You can make the same shapes with powdered dye and ice!

    String Tie-Dye Technique

    When you’re looking for a similar but slightly different tie-dye effect, use string instead of rubber bands.

    Crumple Tie-Dye Technique

    No twisting, folding or pleating needed for this super easy tie-dye technique; just straight up scrunching!

    Stripes Tie-Dye Technique

    Whether you want horizontal or vertical stripes, this simple tie-dye technique can be used with two or more dye colors!

    Ombre Tie-Dye Technique

    Create a smooth gradation of color using dye, water and a paintbrush.

    Bullseye Tie-Dye Technique

    The most recognized tie-dye technique and the easiest! Just add rubber band rings to your heart’s content.

    Sunburst Tie-Dye Technique

    Create bursts of color all over your shirt by just gathering your fabric into balls or add items under to support.

    Folding Tie-Dye Technique

    Easy and fun! Fold your fabric into squares, apply dye around corners for a grid-like result.

    Watercolor Tie-Dye Technique

    Explore the best of both worlds… tie dye and painting with muted brushstrokes of color.

    Chevron Tie-Dye Technique

    Here’s how to fold your shirt for the perfect chevron pattern tie dye! It’s fun, easy and with great results!

    Galaxy Tie-Dye Technique

    Combine bleach and color applications on a spiral twist for a tie-dye look that’s out of this world! Learn how here!

    Alien Glow Tie-Dye Technique

    You don’t need to be from another planet to make this fun shirt. Just add a glow paint head & black eyes to a spiral.

    Eyeball Tie-Dye Technique

    Feast your eyes on this super fun technique with a way cool result!

    Unicorn Tie-Dye Technique

    Do you believe? Whether you do or don’t it’s no myth that unicorns can be found everywhere… any why not on tie dye?

    Firecracker Technique

    Make a cool firecracker Popsicle-inspired shirt that’s bursting with patriotic color perfect for summer and the 4th of July.

    Star Tie-Dye Technique

    Want to know how to tie dye a star onto your shirt? Check out our step-by-step tutorial that makes it super easy!

    Emoji Tie-Dye Technique

    Wear your heart on your sleeve (or wherever) with this fun kit that turns a bullseye look into your fave emoji.

    Candy Corn Tie-Dye Technique

    Here’s a sweet twist on the ombré technique using all the colors from our favorite autumn treat… candy corn!

    Jack-O-Lantern Tie-Dye Technique

    Turn a simple bullseye tie-dye into a friendly Jack o’ Lantern by using orange and black dye and accenting with 3D paint!

    Even more fun tie-dye projects:

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