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Always serving as forerunner in the glass fiber industry

Glass Fiber Division continues to pursue unlimited possibilities and lead the glass fiber manufacturing industry.
In the glass fiber business, having succeeded the first industrialization of glass fiber in Japan, we provide products for a wide range of applications, with consistent coverage from yarn manufacturing to glass cloth processing and to composite materials development. Among these, micro-unit, ultra-thin glass cloth is employed as an important precision material for electronic devices that are constantly being downsized, light-weighted and functionally improved such as computers and cellular phones, and its quality is receiving high appraisal throughout the world.
In the glass wool business, we spearheaded the manufacturing of glass wool in Japan, for housing materials, etc. and are regarded as the pioneer of heat insulation materials with our unique technologies. In particular, high performance glass wool contributes to an energy-saving society as heat insulation materials for very airtight and highly heated insulating houses.

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   Glass wool insulation

■ Suvarnabhumi Airport (New Bangkok International Airport )

The use of a membrane material using glass fabric with ultrafine-diameter glass fiber yarn and nonflammable fluorine resin coating is expanding in many membrane structures such as multi-purpose stadiums and soccer grounds.
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■Wind power generator

By using glass fiber, it has been possible to make a more lightweight and high-strength shaped forms, for use in the wind power generator blades.

■ Printed circuit boards

To meet the need for lighter weight, thinner and multi-layer printed circuit boards, which are the basis for ever-developing electronic machinery, the company is pursuing thinner and higher quality glass cloth.

■ Glass wool insulation

The raw material for Nittobo glass wool products is at least 80% recycled glass from bottles collected from households. As materials contributing to energy conservation, glass wool products have a wide range of applications from residential and office buildings to ships, vehicles and refrigerators. It is a material that conserves energy and resources by recycling post-consumer products as raw material, as well as reusing the material ends that are generated in the production process.

As for the product specification used by Glass Fiber Division, it is a theory value, our measurement value, and not a guarantee value.The product specification might be changed without a previous notice.

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