Please note: These specs may only apply to bundle and truckload quantities that are shipped straight from the mill. Occasionally, we may fill our warehouse inventory from other suppliers. All of our materials, however, meet or exceed OSHA requirements.

z-PLANK Laminated Veneer
Lumber (LVL) Scaffold Plank

z-Plank is a strong yet lightweight Laminated Veneer Lumber scaffold plank. The structural uniformity of LVL combined with the strict quality control of all processes of manufacturing ensures z-Plank is safe and reliable scaffold plank.

z-Plank Specification

z-Plank is structural Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 4357:1995 ‘Structural Laminated Veneer Lumber’ and is Product Certified by the
Plywood Association of Australasia to equal or exceed the performance claims specified in this brochure.

Size (2x10 and 2x12)
Thickness – 1.5” nominal
Widths – 9.25” and 11.75”

Approximate Weight (lbs/ft)

9.25”– 3.9
9.5”– 4.0
11.75”– 4.9

Thickness - 3.2 mm - (Nominal)
Species - Radiata pine
Joints - Scarf

Moisture Content 6%-18%

Dimensional Tolerances

Length -0, + 3/8”
Width -0, + 1/16”


Unsanded faces, sawn edges
Arrises removed by chamfering
Ends painted burnt orange to inhibit
moisture uptake
Each plank is permanently embossed along each edge with the following information:
  1. z-Plank – for identification
  2. 2.15 E RC – indication of premium grade scaffold plank
  3. OSHA – indicating design is per OSHA requirements
  4. Date of Proof Loading
  5. Custom Embossing


Each plank is permanently stamped on the face of the plank with the following information:
  1. AS/NZS 4357 – LVL manufacturing standard
  2. PAA JAS-ANZ – The Plywood Association of Australasia Product Certification marks
  3. WBG Technologies – Proof Loading Operation
  4. Scaffold Plank Premium LVL

Optional edge painting is also available in blue, yellow, orange, green and red.

Quality Control and Product Certification

z-Plank is manufactured in a quality controlled process as required by ANSI A10.8. The compliance and process based quality control requirements is third party audited by the Plywood Association of Australasia (PAA). The audits, end product testing and market inspection are used as the basis for Product Certification by the PAA as a JAS-ANZ accredited Product Certification body. JAS-ANZ stands for the government established “Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand” which exists as the peak organization for accreditation of Product Certification bodies. The PAA’s Quality Control Program has been a registered Quality Management System under ISO-9002.

Applicable Design Standards

  • AS/NZS 4357 : 1995 - Structural laminated veneer lumber.
  • ANSI A10.8 - 2001, Safety Requirements for Scaffolding.
  • OSHA, Occupational Safety & Health Administration,
    U.S. Dept. Of Labour, Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) Scaffold
    Specifications - 1926 Subpart L, Appendix A.
  • BS 5973 : 1993 Code of practice for access and working
    scaffolds and special scaffold structures in steel.
  • BS 2482 Specification for timber scaffold boards.

Strength and Stiffness Verification

  1. LVL is periodically sampled from production and tested for
    Modulus of Elasticity and Modulus of Rupture in accordance
    with AS/NZS 4357. In addition,
  2. Each scaffold plank is proof loaded using the ProofStep!
    Quality Control program and its stiffness measured for
    verification of strength and stiffness claims.

For use in accordance with OSHA
Maximum spans determined for standardized live loads in accordance with OSHA, Standards 29 CFR 1926.451 and Subpart L, Appendix A.


  1. Spans are from center to center of scaffold supports.
  2. Deflections are limited to L/60 per OSHA requirements.
  3. The “Person” load is defined in ANSI A10.8 as a 200-pound person with 50 pounds of
    a. The “1-Person” Load is applied at mid-span.
    b. The “2-Person” Load is applied with each “person” load placed 18”
    to either side of mid span.
    c. The “3-Person” Load is applied with a “person” load at mid span,
    and a “person” load at 18” to either side of mid span.
  4. For conditions other than those listed above, contact WBG Technologies or a
    professional engineer.
  5. z-Plank meets all criteria and conditions as prescribed by OSHA and
    ANSI A10.8 standard.
  6. Planks are available in lengths of 8’ to 20’.


  1. The design properties are for untreated LVL scaffold planks used under dry conditions.
    Dry conditions are defined as an environment where the moisture content of the
    planks will not exceed 16%.
  2. The design properties are based on a “flat” or plank orientation.
  3. If the moisture content of the planks is expected to exceed 16%, the Moment Capacity
    shall be multiplied by 0.8 for wet use conditions.
  4. Fastener values for scaffold planks shall be equivalent to SPF Lumber values.
  5. The allowable Moment Capacity was determined in accordance with the ANSI A10.8
    subcommittee guidelines Appendix C.

Proof testing process: Before shipment, all
z-Planks are proof tested using the unique ProofStep! - loading process to verify that each plank meets the design values shown in Table 2.



Dense Industrial 65 Scaffold Plank

Stress Rating - 2200 F
MOE - 1.8

Characteristics permitted and limiting provisions are:
Compression wood - Prohibited if in readily identifiable and damaging form.
Checks - Surface seasoning checks, not limited; though checks at ends are limited as splits.
Knots - Sound, firm, encased, and pith knots, if tight and well spaced are permitted on the wide face in sizes not to exceed the following:

On Wide Faces (Nominal)

Knot Sizes

Unsound Knots (1)

Manufacture - Standard E (see para. 722(e))
Pitch and Pitch Streaks - Not limited
Pockets - Not limited
Shakes - On ends, limited as splits if through; away from ends, heart shakes up to 2' long, none through; ring shakes 1/3 the width of piece.
Skips - Hit and miss on any face in occasional piece, but heavy skip on narrow face permitted in 10% of pieces.
Slope of Grain - 1 in 14.
Splits - Equal to width of the piece.
Stain - Medium.
Warp - 1/2 medium except very light twist.
Wane - 1/4 the width, 1/4 the thickness except 5% of the pieces may have wane, 1/3 the width, 1/2 the thickness,for 1/4 the length.



Taken from 1994 SPIB Standard Grading Rules for southern pine lumber Sec. 502, pgs. 95-96.



Dense Industrial 65 Scaffold PlankProper use of 1 -1/2" x 9 - 1/4" (S4S) smooth surface scaffold plank under dry use (<19% moisture) that meets the grading rules published by the grading agencies approved by the American Lumber Standards Committee and ANSI safety requirements.

Visually Graded




1 Worker
or Light Duty

2 Workers
or Med. Duty

3 Workers
or Hvy. Duty

Southern Pine Inspection Bureau (SPIB)
Southern Pine

Conforms to ANSI A 10.8 Loading Requirements.

   1. Workers & tools weigh 250 pounds.
   2. One worker located at span center.
   3. Two workers located 18" on either side of span center.
   4. Three workers located as indicated in requirements 2 & 3 above.
   5. Medium duty loading, 50 psf.
   6. Heavy duty loading, 75 psf.

Plank testing was performed and loading charts were developed by Ralph E. Bennett III, P.E. 12/95


LVL Scaffolding Planks