Air Insulated Switchgear

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L&T Electrical & Automation (E&A)’s medium voltage switchgear assemblies are designed from 3.3 to 36 kV. These are designed for indoor application considering customers’ space constraints. The VH-AIS range of switchgear has a metal clad design, and its robust construction ensures it functions well even in adverse environment conditions. We give you a choice of fixed or withdrawable Vacuum Circuit Breakers in the assembly. Switchgear Assemblies, Breakers, Contactors are designed and manufactured according to IEC 62271 series. We assure compact size of assembly without compromising on safety features. Protection against 40kA for 3 seconds can be delivered in a design as compact as 600mm.


  • Up to 50kA, 3 second short circuit withstand capacity
  • Loss of service continuity-2B
  • IP4X
  • Additional Customised safety interlock
  • Numerous number of operating cycles
  • Efficient 10000 switching operations

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